Mel Hills * Wild Art | Available artworks

The Original Artworks for these images are available for purchase.
Boobook OwlThe Hazards from Honeymoon Bay ( Shag on a Rock) Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania.Swans on Cloudy lagoonTasmanian Masked OwlThe Hazards, Freycinet. Presented by Grey FantailPygmy possum and Hellfire Bluff, Marion BayCape Barren Geese at Darlington, Maria IsTesselated Pavement, Tasman peninsulaladybugsLunawanna HunterDog Beach, KingstonSugar GliderMarion Bay and Surf CrabSkeinMaria Island  studies (4)Maria Island  studies (3)Maria Island Miscellaneous studies (2)Maria Island Miscellaneous studies (1)